Answers to Popular Questions

Here's some issues that come up!

Why do I need a Production Company?

Do you have a lot of spare time?

Most Event or Media Project managers in a Client company, usually have a "real job" but have found themselves "volunteered" to manage a project. A production company, if they're truly full-service and not just an equipment supplier, works with you for the duration of the project just as if they were an internal department supporting your efforts.

How Much Will It Cost?

Do you have a fixed budget, or are you open to anything?

Cost is always a factor, and everything in Production is variable it helps a Production Company to know approximately what a Client has alloacted for a given project, so they can come up with options that fit. If a Client is interested in only the "best" or "most creative" solutions available regardless of cost, then the Production Company can develop options with this approach in mind. To save everyones time and energy, its usually best to decide which cost approach to take during a Brief.

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