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On Location in Costa Rica

Video camp lodge house, Costa Rica
Punta Marenco Lodge, Drake Bay,
Osa Peninsuala

The Costa Rica operations of Moving Arts Comms. (MAC CR) were designed to provide professional and aspiring film-makers, as well as all kinds of digital artists a practical, well equipped and expertly staffed production facility, organized around a flexible support organization, centered in one of the most pristine and inspiring locations in the world.  For sheer variety of scenery, culture, climate and hospitality Costa Rica has few peers - and with Moving Arts as your production partner you'll be able to sleep at night knowing that someone in-country cares enough about you and your project to do whatever it takes to make it happen - no excuses, no surprises and no manana attitude!

Who We Are is What We Do

Old Town Golfito

Moving Arts and its principal directors are production veterans from California's San Francisco Bay Area, and bring with them the experience of successful careers in the creation of video/film, sound and graphics media, as well as special events, broadcast television, web production and web events.  Our principals

This experience and knowledge base is now available to a national and international marketplace of professional and semi-professional filmakers, as well as students and others who are interested in experiencing what it is to learn the arts of production in and about an area of unparalled scenic beauty and bio-diversity, with a wide and engaging variety of subjects to choose from.

Like many before us, we came to Costa Rica to look and learn...and found ourselves hooked, entranced by what many call the jewel of Central America, and energized by the opportunity to make it practically possible for others to share this unique experience.  The result of that work is MAC CR.

How We Do It ? - Balance, Momentum and an Uncompromising Commitment to Success!

The main ranch of the video camp
Playa Chiquita Crew House,
Caribbean South

MAC CR is organized around real world production principles familiar to anyone in, or studying the industry, and just like any other production company our goal is to balance time, money and resources while ensuring that every project continues to move forward in a planned and positive manner.

Again, like any other business we are ultimately all here to provide the client and customer what they want, when they want it, and at the price agreed - and this philosophy is driven by an uncompromising commitment to success, to guarantee that our customers will be satisfied with every aspect of their experience with MAC CR in Costa Rica!

Entrance to the Rio Claro, Corcovado National Park


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